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PDD 400M

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The new Puredry PDD 400M Dehumidifier

It is a powerful and robust Desiccant technology dehumidifier designed to quickly extract very moisture into the toughest applications. Ideal for building, food dehumidifiers, swimming pools, low-temperature rooms as the operating temperature ranges from -20 to +60 ℃.

What our customers are demanding from a desiccant building dehumidifier, of course, to extract a lot of moisture from the air, using as little consumption as possible and give many years of reliable operation. This was precisely designed to make the Puredry PDD 400M.

It works without the use of a compressor motor such as the dehumidifiers we have known so far. Its principle of operation is based on the desiccant abundant material zeolite, which has the natural property of absorbing the moisture particles from the air, then converting them into water and with a tube included in the drainage package.

It has inside heat resistance, which heats the dry air before it goes into space. The dry air diffused by the Puredry desiccant desiccants is about 10-16 ° C warmer than the air in the room. They therefore contribute to heating the room by raising the temperature by 1-3 ° C.

Designed and built with the latest technologies, this means that it meets our energy efficiency requirements with just 1.3kw / h and superior manufacturing quality. This is why it comes with a two-year warranty.

Puredry PDD 400M is coated in epoxy paint in a steel casing to reduce scratches. It has very large handles for ease of movement above and below stairs and curbs. It has a handy electronic control panel.

Internally, it uses the highest possible quality of components and welds to ensure reliability under all conditions and to deliver the highest exhaust rates using minimal energy consumption at all temperatures and relative humidities.

The Puredry PDD 400M Dehumidifier has a wide range of features

It is the most cost-effective way to combat mold, condensation and moisture in areas up to 400 m². unified space.
90 liters of drying time per day.
Air recirculation 400m³ / h.
Only 2.7 Kwatt rated power consumption / maximum 3 kW.
Auto restart in case of power failure.
Digital display to show you the current relative humidity value of the area.
Variable dehumidification relative humidity in 5% increments.
Timer 1 - 24 hour on / off.
Possibility of permanent drainage (pipe supply)
Air filter washable
Very quiet ≤ 60db
Two year warranty.

PDD 400M
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