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2 Stage water system APDUC 14 UFPREMIUM

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Bottom System APDUC 14 UFEPREMIUM The APDUC 14 UFPREMIUM System is an economical and powerful bottom bench filtration system that offers many customization and expansion capabilities using 10 "(world market standard) filters.

The system provides instant clean water free of solid particles, sediments, mud, rust, cysts, parasites, bacteria and micro-organisms potentially contaminating water up to 0.01 microns and chlorine, organic, chemicals, pesticides, chloroform, heavy metals, unpleasant odor and flavor from tap water up to 0.5 micron. It is ideal for households and business environments.

It is equipped with the following filtration steps:

1. U.F membrane (0.01 micron) Aqua Pure APUF 2T
The film is made up of polypropylene fibers, also known as capillary fibers. High technology as well as high quality construction and raw materials make it essential for bottom bench filtration systems and units. It provides efficient filtration of solid particles, sediments, sludge, rust as well as cysts, parasites, bacteria and micro-organisms that potentially contaminate water up to 0.01 microns. Moreover, it does not remove beneficial trace elements from water. It is compatible with most of the 10 commercially available filters.


Removal of solid particles, sediments, sludge and rust Protection from cysts, parasites.
Retention of bacteria and micro-organisms.
Maximum operating pressure: 8 bar
Maximum water filtration: 10,000
Dimensions: 10 " Replacement: every 12 months

2. Compact Active Coal Filter Aqua Pure APCYD

Active compact carbon filter of high quality raw materials with full antimicrobial action. The Aqua Pure APCYD filter, which is made of 100% coconut shell, offers protection against a number of contaminants of tap water, with an emphasis on the efficient removal of lead and cichlids of up to 1 micron. The carbon block component that contains effectively removes heavy metals, such as lead, copper mercury and strontium. Especially designed for retention of volatile organic compounds, MTBE (ether, a component of gasoline endangerous to the human body). In addition, it removes asbestos, particles and herbicides with atrazine as its main ingredient.

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