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Αφυγραντήρας Puredry PDD 8L Famous Desiccant Save Energy

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Puredry PDD10L

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Puredry PDD 8L Desiccant Save Energy

Puredry Hellas has been specializing in home and professional dehumidifiers for 10 years. It provides solutions to the problems of increased or excessive relative humidity in the home, office, professional space, with high quality products. All Puredry Dehumidifiers do exactly what they promise, effective dehumidification with low operating costs.The Puredry PDD 8L Famous dehumidifier can cover areas up to 100m² in mainland Greece and up to 80m² in coastal or lakeside areas where relative humidity levels exceed 80% over a long period of time.

It is a desiccant type (desiccant desiccant with zeolite) and operates efficiently at temperatures of 1-37 ° C, is ideal for permanent homes that do not heat well and have temperatures over 15 ° C for a long time or are heated at intervals during day, for cottages, caravans, boats, garages, workshops, etc.It has the possibility of dehumidifying 8L-10L per day, it has automatic re-start mechanism after power cut, has 4 dehumidification options 40% -50% -60% and Layndry (drying clothes), three air speeds, timer 1,2,4 , 8 hours, Polyesthylene terephthalate fiber anti-bacterial filter, integrated ionizer with optional function, permanently connected to the tubing drain provided in the package, is extremely silent for the volume of cubic meters covering 46dB.The Puredry PDD 8L Famous dehumidifier is very energy efficient. Because it operates with resistors to achieve dehumidification (drying the zeolite), the energy consumed returns it to the space in thermal, so the outgoing air is 10-12 ° C warmer than the incoming, this results in helps to heat the space mainly during the winter months when heating needs are increased.

Smart Save Energy The Smart Save Energy feature means you'll get the best balance between saving money and dehumidifying.

By activating the dehumidifier the user selects the desired humidity levels, the dehumidifier works to achieve them. When the relative humidity target has been reached, the dehumidifier only operates the fan for 5 minutes to check that the relative humidity is at desired levels and to completely dry the zeolite. Then it stops for 30 minutes (standby), then starts the fan again for 5 minutes to check the relative humidity levels of the room. If the relative humidity has risen above the desired levels, the dehumidifier will start operating again. If the relative humidity is below the desired levels, then the dehumidifier will stop operating again for another 30 minutes. This process saves a lot of money.

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Data sheet

Θερμοκρασία Λειτουργίας
1....37 °C
Τεχνολογία Αφύγρανσης
Απόδοση Αφύγρανσης
Συνεχή Αποστράγγιση
Ναι 1-2-4-8 ώρες
Ηλεκτρονικά Συστήματα Ελέγχου
Αυτόματη Επανεκκίνηση
Αυτόματη Λειτουργία
Κυβικά Αέρα/'Ωρα
Φίλτρο Αέρα
Στάθμη θορύβου
230V 50Hz
Κατανάλωση Ρεύματος
Ταχύτητες Ανεμιστήρα
Διαστάσεις (Ύψος-Πλάτος-Πάχος) mm

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