Puredry Mini-D Set


Puredry mini-D Set (without battery)


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Puredry Mini-D Rechargeable Mini-D Set (without Batteries)

Puredry Mini-D is a small cartridge full of silicon dioxide balls, the material is often found in small white sachets with products such as shoes and bags. Silicon dioxide is used because it is a natural moisture absorber and does not require energy (voltage) to work. Place the cartridge in the space you want to keep dry and will start working immediately by removing moisture from the room and trapping it. When it has absorbed all the moisture it can, the balls on the screen at the top of the unit will change color from orange to green.

You should remove the appliance and place it in a ventilated area after you have plugged it into the socket using the power cord supplied in the package. This activates a heating resistor in the center of the cassette that heats the silica gel and releases the moisture that it has trapped, so you rejuvenate the gel, the balls on the screen change color and turn orange again, so it's ready to be used again. This process can be repeated several times.

Puredry Mini-D is a small rechargeable dehumidifier designed to provide solutions in small and very small spaces. For example, a built-in wardrobe on a northern wall that almost always faces moisture problems, resulting in mold and unpleasant odors in clothing. Since the wardrobe doors are closed, a conventional dehumidifier can not help because there is no air exchange between the wardrobe and the bedroom. By placing a Mini-D dehumidifier in the wardrobe the space around the clothes will dry out and mold growth will be prevented. Our suggestion is a Mini-D for a wardrobe and two for a double wardrobe. All Mini-Ds are provided with a European plug so you can take it with you on your trips and use it in your caravan or home for a holiday.

Mini rechargeable dehumidifiers have been on the market for many years, but at Puredry Hellas we are proud because we first used 100% safe color change from orange to green. Other models use pink color in blue to which cobalt chloride is added to the silica gel. Unfortunately, cobalt chloride is a carcinogen that is dangerous to humans and very toxic to aquatic organisms and can cause long-term adverse effects on the environment when discharged. We recommend that you do not buy any unit that uses pink in a blue color change because now you can make the right and 100% safe choice.

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